Nikko Citizen′s Hospital

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Nikko Citizen′s Hospital

Nikko with a history and culture of spanning more than 1200 years, is very famous for many places of great historical interest such as the Toshougu shrine, Futarasan-Jinja, and Rin-Noji temple (recognized as UNESCO World Heritage Sites).
While driving along the Irohazaka roadway (selected amongst the top 100 roads in Japan), you can enjoy the magnificent view of Mt. Nantai, Lake Chuzenji, and The Kegon Falls. After that, you will encounter Senjogahara plateau and Lake Yunoko where the great natural beauty never fails to fascinate throughout the seasons. Nikko is truly an international sightseeing city where artificial beauty and natural beauty meet in perfect harmony.
To respond to the demands made by many Nikko residents and the related authorities, etc., we have refurbished the Furukawa Memorial Hospital which was closed in September, 1999 and re-opened it as the "Nikko Citizen′s Hospital" in April, 2000.
In addition to the internal medicine, surgery, orthopedics, and pediatrics departments, April 2002 also saw the start of the obstetrics and gynecology, rehabilitation, ophthalmology, and otolaryngology departments. Further, medical beds for chronic inpatients were also established in addition to general beds, providing services that cover everything from medical treatment to long-term nursing.
Moreover, in addition to the diagnosis and treatment system of 24 hours and 365 days that helps as a core hospital of the international sightseeing city "Nikko" the local populace and tourists feel comfortable and relieved of worries that they might encounter, the hospital is well equipped with the most updated medical equipment such as MRI, CT, digital US equipment, dialyzers and has leading-edge operation rooms and rehabilitation facilities, making it possible for each staff member who has received special medical education to provide thoughtful medical treatment.
We hope that the local residents will consider our hospital as one that can be both reliable and friendly, and we vow to always provide care giving that that puts our patient’s needs first.
To realize this, we are attempting to foster better cooperation with related local medical organizations and will further improve the quality of medical treatment within the local region.

Medical Examination and Treatment Department

Internal Medicine Surgery Orthopedic surgery Pediatrics Gynecology and obsteterics Ophthalmology


1752-10 Kiyotakiarasawamachi Nikko City Tochigi 321-1441
Phone:0288-50-1188 Fax:0288-50-1321

Receptionist Time

08:30〜11:30 AM  13:30〜16:30 PM

Medical Examine Time

09:00〜12:00 AM  14:00〜17:00 PM

Closing the Hospital Day

Saturday(pm)  Sunday  NationalHoliday  Newyear

Traffic Access

From the nearest station  JR Nikko Station or Tobu Nikko Station
● Commute by Train or Bus
Nearest Station: JR Nikko Station or Tobu Nikko Station
→ Tobu Bus (For Kiyotaki, Hosoomachi, Chuuzennji Onsen, Yumoto) Approx. 10 minutes